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Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes! We urge you to retain travel insurance for your protection against unforeseen circumstances that may force a cancellation or cause you to face unplanned expenses while traveling.

READ THIS :: We can only offer basic information about travel insurance. We will provide you with an insurance quote for every trip we plan for you, but we suggest that you call the insurance company with any questions and walk through hypothetical scenarios to ensure you are purchasing the best possible insurance for your vacation.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel Insurance coverage options vary by provider and plan but all travel insurance covers certain types of medical problems, adverse weather, and more.

What happens if I don’t have travel insurance?

The events mentioned above can force travelers to cancel reservations, cut their trips short, or cause delays. When this happens, most travelers lose the non-refundable portion of their trip cost and can even face new, unplanned expenses such as the cost of an added hotel stay if your flight is canceled, or airline change fees.

What is the difference between cancellation insurance and travel insurance?

Cancellation insurance often only provides coverage against circumstances that could force travelers to cancel their trip. If you cancel within the hotel or airline penalty period, then you are facing a non-refundable loss. Having cancellation insurance covers this loss as long as the reason for cancellation is a “covered” reason.

Travel insurance is a more comprehensive product that often provides some cancellation coverage as well as medical insurance while traveling. Travel insurance also often includes coverage for trip delays and lost or damaged baggage.

How can I get Cancel for Any Reason Insurance?

We will guide you where to purchase. Most of the travel supplier/partners we work with, provide a cancel for any reason (CFAR) cancellation insurance option as an add-on to your trip. Third-party travel insurance companies will likely start selling CFAR again in Fall 2021.

When should I buy travel insurance?

As soon as you book your trip! Even if your trip does not fall under penalty for many months after your booking date, it is better to book the insurance before you forget about it and risk losing the window of opportunity to do so. Typically CFAR insurance is due at the time of booking and additional travel insurance may be added to your itinerary at a later date. At present, we have three travel insurance companies we are partnered with:

TravelInsured – for 25 years, Travel Insured has led with a passion that is based on a “do it better, do it smarter” mentality. Generate a quote for general travel insurance and find contact details here.

Arch Roam Right – an A+ financially rated company that handles everything in-house from underwriting to processing claims. Generate a quote for general travel insurance and find contact details here.

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