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All-inclusive Hotel in Mexico-Xcaret

H O T E L X C A R E T is a unique concept for an all-inclusive hotel in Mexico. The hotel is an architectural masterpiece with an ample amount of creature comforts. Hotel Xcaret is owned by the same Mexican family of brothers who own and operate seven of the region’s top entertainment parks. Entrance to these parks is included in the hotel’s all-inclusive plan. This makes it an obvious choice for families with children of all ages.

what to do //Hotel Xcaret offers their trademarked all-fun inclusive program to all hotel guests. My visit was primarily to explore the hotel and get a feel for what type of client it would most appeal to. I did not visit any of the parks on this trip, but I have in the past and they are all top-rated entertainment venues. I know from client feedback and speaking with guests on property that the parks are one of the biggest draws to Hotel Xcaret. The included parks are: Xcaret :: XelHa :: Xavage :: XOXiMilco :: Xenses :: Xplor :: Xplor Fuego

The all-inclusive Hotel Xcaret not only includes a wide array of on-property activities, and access to the seven parks listed above but also includes tours to some of the most spectacular Mayan Ruins, including Xichen, Coba, and Tulum.

rooms // The hotel was full when I was there, and I was given the entry-level (aka least expensive) room category. The room was incredible, and I would likely book the same room for a return visit. It captured the vibe of the entire hotel, complete with locally crafted furnishings made by Mexican artists. My favorite decor piece – this alabaster shell lamp. Shame it was so heavy, or I would have bought one.

From the drooping vines to the chimes of the waterfall the stage is set for relaxation from the moment you arrive. As with the rest of the hotel’s public spaces, water is the central focus of the Muluk Spa. You can even opt to have your massage in a cave that includes a private cenote. Even though the spa will likely be able to accommodate your appointment request on arrival, we enjoy helping clients plan their weekly schedules in advance. This ensures they are able to take advantage of every park + tour they want and the spa too!

Contact me and let's get you to Hotel Xcaret!

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